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What is Check4Update?
Check4Update is a resource monitoring service which should be installed on a standalone server or pc with permanent network access.

It allows registered users to monitor any number of online resources of different types for updates and changes. Check4Update supports various protocols to accessed these resources and provides several modules to do the resource content inspection depending on the mime type of the content.

After a modification of the resource was detected, the system sends out a notification message to inform the user.

The Check4Update service can be configured by the user via the Check4Update Web interface. There is no need for the user to install extra programs or tools on his/her pc.

Purpose of Check4Update
Currently an internet user has a lot to do with his/her daily work. He/she has a lot of interesting online resources like favourite websites, tutorials, manuals, rss feeds and other stuff like that which he/she wants to check daily to detect changes or updates of the resources.
There are existing solutions where the user has to install tools locally on his/her computer. These tools can be used to monitor the registered websites by querying them regularly.
The disadvantage of these tools is, that they require a started pc with a permanent (or even an active) internet connection. The do not function without one of these requirements.

This is one of many points where the Check for Update project can offer a solution. Check for Update implements a server application which allows the user to monitor any number of online resources for updates and changes. The different types of online resources that are supported are static and dynamic HTML or XML based websites, simple text files, rss feeds, webservice calls and many others.
The Check4Update can be configured by using the Check4Update web interface. There is no need to install extra programs or tools on the userís pc.

Check4Update does not only support the pure check-up of changes, the user could also use keywords or regular expressions as criteria of modification. Furthermore there are functions to archive resources and to view them later on or compare two archived versions.

Current Status
The Check4Update project was started by Martin Thelian and Manfred Jakesch as a course-related student project on the technical university of Vienna.

After the first functional release of Check4Update (which was a lot of work), Manfred has left the project because of his finished computer science study.

Futher versions where then released by Martin in the course of a follow-up student project.

Now the project has reached a point where it works quite well, so that Manfred and I have decided to host the project on sourceforge. But please not that the service is still more or less untested and further work must be done to reach a stable state.

Currently the sources of the project will be over-worked to provide a good starting point for further extensions and improvements.

Demo Version

The Check4Update sources are currently not available for download but a demo installation is available.

For those of you that are interested in trying out the demo version of check4update, please send me an email to thelian at users.sourceforge.net.


Check4Update is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).


Any questions? Contact Martin Thelian

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C4U II - Project report:


New C4U Version 0.5

Many bugfixes
RSS/bzip/tar support
better dynamic content support
Criteria of change support
https support

New C4U Version 0.4

New resources added:
  • google search
  • SSH / SCP
  • Email monitoring
New Notification added:
  • ICQ Notification

New C4U Version 0.3.5

Many new features, e.g. http post or html frameset support added.

For details please take a look into the changelog


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